Why Won't My Air Conditioner Work?

Don’t sweat the summer heat—here are 7 things you should do if your air conditioner isn’t working properly.

Properly maintained equipment runs less and uses less energy, so the equipment will last longer and have fewer, less costly repairs—saving you money.

Our easy-to-use Field Guides help ensure the performance and longevity of not only your HVAC system but also your wallet.

See how easy it is to perform some of these general maintenance tasks to help save you time and money. Of course, if you need help or simply feel more comfortable having a professional take care of it, call us and we will be happy to handle it.

Check Out the DIY Guides


Guides to help you change your air filter, conserve energy, and keep your furnace working well.


Guides to help you program your thermostat, conserve energy, and keep your air conditioner working well.

Air Quality

Guides to help you understand your humidifier and protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Need Some Help?

Don’t feel comfortable doing the work yourself? Our licensed technicians are here to help.

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